WordPress and Symfony2

If you have a company, you want to do business. Making money, anticipate the market’s changes including having a website as an extension of your business environment. Anyway, as troubles can occur on your premises, technical failure can be very annoying.


Van Ons is your online service technician, plumber and security guard all in one: Van Ons is your contractor for technical maintenance. We create a website that works! If necessary in the new Symphony2 framework. We’ll do anything to make your second location as attractive, buoyant and findable as possible.

Work together with Van Ons and say farewell to technical uncertainties in your company. WordPress is an extremely flexible and user-friendly tool to publish with, and Symfony2 is an application framework that complex applications can be built with within weeks.

The combination is a gold mine. How big is that gold mine? Find out for yourself!

Successful WordPress webshop
WordPress integratie met Workday

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