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50% of the retailers still have no web shop – according to the ING advertisement. Van Ons does not stimulate every entrepreneur to start a webshop, because it is hard work – just like operating an actual shop – (provided you want to do it the right way). On the other hand, Van Ons does elect to use WordPress in most cases. Where the shop finishes, the website goes on.


A flexible WordPress webshop through which payments can be collected by means of all customary methods (iDEAL, PayPal, credit card and transfer) and which makes it easy for you to sell your analogue or digital products. Including gift vouchers. Promotions and invoice printing. A Van Ons webshop using WordPress makes business online fun to do!

Van Ons is a recognised Affiliated Woo Worker. That means we deliver high quality WooCommerce (by WooThemes) installation and optimisation.

Webshop administration directly and genuinely accounted!

Until the end of 2014, many webshop had to overcome the obstacle of the software (whether it concerns WordPress, WooCommerce or another system) not being able to communicate with accounting software which often is in use already in an organisation. Two accounting systems were formed and it demanded a lot of effort to combine them. Having come across this a number of times, we decided to solve this problem. Manual data entry from different software (besides WooCommerce it could also be Shopify) is now something of the past. Information about this connection can be found at

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