SEOshop Exact Online connection & platform

Van Ons is a specialist in Customised connections for, among others, Exact Online and takes this further than connections from and to WordPress & Shopify. Other than WordPress Exact Online-connections we also provide all kinds of connections from and to SEOshop: customised SEOshop-connections and standard connections.

For less than a Euro a day, have your bookkeeping organised without manual labour?

Connection 1: SEOshop Exact Online connection

Your administration organized without manual labour? Connect SEOshop and Exact seamlessly on the following levels:

  • Customers
  • Orders (with correct VAT and discounts)
  • Invoices (with correct VAT and discounts)
  • Products
  • Stock

Connectors are available from as little as EUR 20 = a month. Contact us to find out what we can do for you or if you have specific questions.

Activate a connector yourself? This can be done through our connection-platform ConnectPush. This is the instruction video:

Contact us to get access to the SEOshop Exact Online App.

Connection 2: SEOshop Exact Online Platform

One step further than an SEOshop Exact Online connection is the SEOshop Exact Online platform. Based on a filled-out Exact Online Handel you can create one or more SEOshop-webshops that synchronise your products, categories and stock from Exact Online.

Example applications of SEOshop Exact Online Platform:

  1. Ideal to provide franchisers with a web shop that remains up-to-date!
  2. Optimise the process for your business customers (B2B), by using a webshop as a primary channel.
  3. Serve – as a B2B party – also the B2C market, being able to quickly market a low maintenance web shop.

SEOshop App Development

Do you need a customised App or connection, for instance with fulfilment parties? No problem. All SEOshop standard connections are developed in-house, and can, therefore, be supported extensively and continuously.

Tip: are you a fulfilment party and do you want to connect to SEOshop and/or Exact Online? Our team is familiar with the necessary APIs and can quickly and solidly realise the connections!

Work with SEOshop connected to Exact Online?

Contact Van Ons for advice, implementation of standard SEOshop-connections or a customised connection.

Van Ons and its network can also provide support on the organisation of your web shop(s).

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