Second Screen with WordPress

During the last few years, it has gradually become the custom to use a tablet or mobile phone on top of watching TV or looking at a computer screen. Whilst watching “De Wereld Draait Door” or a football match, you happily check Twitter or the latest news.


In October 2013, Van Ons was the first in the world to build a second screen application, based on WordPress. This enabled the editors of the Talpa programme “Koffietijd” to create their trusted back-end screens and ‘push’ them to a WordPress multisite installation, especially for tablets and mobile phones.

These screens can be filled with text and images, but also with unique functions like a quiz, a poll or video module.

Apart from this specific TV format, the pushing of screens (manually or automatically) is a convenient functionality. Useful at for instance, conventions and seminars, as slides, extra information or advertisement can be ‘pushed’ to all tablets and mobile phones within the audience.

2014 and after

The greatest challenge involved with the second screen is the underlying technology in particular: Apart from content management systems, also frameworks and servers exist. TV programmes such as ‘Koffietijd’ and ‘RTL Late Night’ attract thousands of viewers at the same time. If only a few percent of them use second screen, this would generate numbers of users one would see less often on a website.

Advised by several channels and TV-producers, in 2014 Van Ons initiated a new version of second screen. Not using WordPress this time, but focusing, right from the start, on scalable technology and an easily operable content management system.

The second screen’s first tests started at the end of 2014 and it first went live on 16 January 2015 on an ‘alumni-day’ of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

Please check our Van Ons Second Screen website for more information.

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