PSD slicing to HTML

Photoshopping is not just cutting and pasting of acne on your photos, or ‘shopping’ yourself on a tropical island. To the contrary, Photoshop is so much more.
Why not have a theme (made) with designer software? Your own identity, your own signature.


WordPress is the very one open source-technology that makes it possible to give your website its own identity. But how does one convert a .psd file to HTML coding? And at that stage from HTML to a solid WordPress theme? Van Ons will be happy to assist you. As a result, you’ll have time for the creative jobs while we do the technical part. For our team, it’s a real treat.
Van Ons loves working with Foundation, a responsive framework that operates with Sass. This makes the website project responsive right from the start.

High-traffic WordPress Website
Responsive WordPress site

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