Mail via Google Apps

Mail via Google AppsE-mail on your own domain name is a precondition for a professional image. Solving e-mail yourself on your own server is, according to Van Ons, not the best solution, at all times.

Use a Cloud-solution for your e-mail, like Google Apps or Office 365.

Google Apps is a powerful, affordable and maintenance-free package for everyone. It’s an integrated package for:

  • Communication: e-mail, agenda and chat
  • Cooperation: Create, process and share documents, real-time

Google Apps consists of online software that can be used by logging in. In technical terms: Software as a Service. Or: Cloud Computing. It’s flexible, innovative and easy to personalise. With Google Apps you can achieve everything you can right now, and even more. The main gain: no more maintenance problems, no more maintenance costs, no hassle. That is the breakthrough of Google Apps.

Google Apps offers pc utilities to the people in your company or organisation, which are necessary to process large quantities of information, keeping them informed en route and be enabling them to communicate, share information and work together with colleagues, customers and third parties. Google Apps offers a safe and scalable platform that provides the above at any time and at any location.

At a fixed price of EUR 1,200, a Van Ons consultant can support a straightforward implementation of Google Apps.

The Mail via Google Apps proposition includes:

  • One day configuration/li>
  • Configuration DNS
  • Dashboard customising
  • Creation of three accounts
  • One hour of administrator training
  • Two sessions of 30 minutes of after-service by telephone

Do you need an extensive implementation of Google Apps for your organisation? Contact us and we’ll have one of our partners contact you.

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