Gathering data with Web Scraping

Gathering data from other websites that you want to use for your website, web shop or business logics? Web scraping is the technique that gathers information from websites. It enables you to collect data from one or more websites that you can subsequently process in a way that is suitable for your company.

Data verzamelen via web scrapingExample applications:

  • Gathering news
  • Gathering stock-market rates
  • Gathering match results
  • Gathering publications
  • Circumvent cumbersome APIs
  • Building an API yourself, based on heterogeneous data
  • Making a call list for your call centre(s)
  • Automate content management (prepare relevant drafts in your CMS)
  • Gathering data for research
  • An editor-free or editor-low website (often used in affiliation marketing)
  • Create a live-wall of your own online activity

Note: An important aspect of web scraping is the legal aspect. Not all data or data-structures are allowed to be copied.

Gathered data via web scraping can be delivered in any shape or form:

  • Web scraping to WordPress
  • Web scraping to a relational database
  • Web scraping to CSVs, Excel, Google Docs and other platforms

WordPress-specific applications

  • WordPress short codes to embed external data (such as the AEX index, or a figure via [scrape data=”aex”])
  • WordPress drafts, posts or other custom post types

Are you interested in web scraping applications?

Do you need an experienced partner for online data gathering? Contact Van Ons to receive examples and a customised quote.

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