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Visitors and customers use your Beacon App. You to have want control on content and expenditure of your Beacon App. For this you use – same as for a website – a CMS that matches with your case and company. In 2014, Van Ons developed the Beacon CMS. The first Beacon case on this CMS was the Top 2000 Beacon App for Beeld and Geluid (Visual and Sound).

Beacon CMS en uitlegIn the years to come the Beacon technology will bring offline and online much closer together. On the one hand for campaigns and advertising. On the other hand – and this is an even more interesting growth market to Van Ons – the optimization of processes.

The Beacon CMS is built modularly, it is future proof and it has three pillars:

  1. Beacon CMS – adding and changing content
  2. Beacon CMS – consulting statistics
  3. Beacon CMS – don’t panic, tools to handle new technology

The Beacon CMS is increased monthly.

Beacon CMS – Adding or changing content

As you add content to your website, watch entries, and manage settings for your website, you also want to do this for your Beacon App. To realise this, we developed the Beacon CMS. The Beacons CMS Dashboard enables you to have precise control on what happens when a customer comes within the radius of you Beacons. You can send for instance information or an offer to your visitor’s device whenever it moves in or out of your location.

Beacon CMS – consulting statistics

Gauging on the web can be done with a variety of tools. Google Analytics is the most common. On top, there are many possibilities to acquire the desired insight.

If you use Beacons, you want insight that other packages cannot provide. No problem! Our Beacon CMS has a statistics module that matches your specific needs. Who has been “in range” at which Beacon? How often and for how long? Who has been using the Beacon App? Beacon App? Are these users men or women?

Please note: In order to find out who your users are, it is possible to have them connect to Twitter or Facebook. Obviously it’s also possible to create an anonymous Beacon App.

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