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What GPS means to the outside world, Beacons mean for indoors. Determine in detail the location of your users and affix actions and gauging accordingly. Van Ons was the first party to launch an interactive Beacon Case in The Netherlands. It was that particular case voor Beeld en Geluid during the Top 2000 in 2014.

Beacon App Top 2000Beacon App Top 2000. Beacon Apps are apps that are developed for the iOS platform and Android and make use of the Beacon technology.

Commissioned by Beeld en Geluid, Van Ons developed the first Dutch interactive Beacon App. View the entire Beeld en Geluid Beacon case here!


Beacon App Research & Development Partnership

Van Ons works, in relation to Beacon-research and development of tools, together with Media 599 in Curaçao. For this reason, development can take place 24 hours a day. After more than 2,500 hours of working together on research and development of Beacons, now high quality Beacon Apps can be developed fast.

Additionally, Van Ons works, not exclusively, together with the pro-active team. Van Ons invited for example to its Amsterdam iBeacon Meetup and keeps close contact with for pilots of new Beacon Apps and Beacon Products.

Van Ons Beacon App services

  1. Turning a problem into an idea during introduction meetings
  2. Beacon App Concept – from idea to concept and functional design for the Beacon App – during sessions of half a day or a whole day, we devise a concept for your :
  3. Beacon App Pilot – we conceive and develop a pilot of the Beacon App. The Pilot Beacon App
  4. Beacon App Deploy – is the pilot a success? Let’s scale up. Is a first version successfully completed in a number of stores or branch stores?
    Time to process the findings and roll-out the Beacon App!

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