Amazon Elastic Beanstalk

For any thorough hosting jobs, Van Ons always uses the solutions provided by Amazon. Ultrafast, reliable and …. scalable. The great thing about using Amazon Elastic Beanstalk is the ability to deploy your app from one location and then cooperate with the Amazon services that you want to use for your app, for instance S3 or RDS.

Amazon Beanstalk is also ideal if a website should be able to handle large numbers of visitors, but you prefer to pay only for high-traffic periods.
That is because Elastic Beanstalk can also be used, together with the autoscaling solutions by Amazon. The “app” (in this case a website) is deployed on an EC2 instance. In support, there’s a separate EC2 for the database (RDS). The EC2s on which the website is installed, can be scaled up. There is an adjustable trigger in the Amazon dashboard that you can determine with, how quickly other EC2s should be added. During quiet times, the number of EC2s is decreased. Very useful, as this way you only pay when hosting is needed and practiced.

This solution was implemented for instance for the following customer(s):

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